25 Random Things

I put this list together for Facebook, but thought I’d bring it here as well.  These are 25 random things about me.  Feel free to respond with 25 random things about yourself.

1.  I like the color blue.
2. I have shaken hands with Blaine Yorgason, Russell M. Nelson, Orson Scott Card, Slade Gorton, Vladimir Jan Kohanski, Tim Bachman, George “Pinky” Nelson, and Janis Ian.
3. I once blockaded my door and hid when a jealous husband had left his house with guns on his way to my house. (It was a misunderstanding. I never did or said anything inappropriate to/with his wife.)
4.  I have successfully predicted my last two recorded A1C levels. 
5.  I read the Book of Mormon in two days once (Alma one Thursday, everything else the following Thursday).
6.  I once slid down a snow drift in the Beartooths in Montana in August because I tried to walk across it in flip-flops. 
7.  My great-great grandfather was a founding member of the James-Younger Gang (as in Jesse James).  Google “Arthur C. McCoy”
8.  My grandfather sat in the Montana State Legislature, and was suggested as a candidate for governor.
9. His brother was the mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota and was appointed to the United States Senate from Minnesota — the last Republican in that seat until the Reagan Revolution. His name was also Arthur.
10. I’m a Republican in the field of Human Services.  It can be lonely sometimes.
11. I once ran a kid on a bike of the road with my car on purpose as part of my job. 
12. I have never received a speeding ticket.
13. I was a candidate for the Washington State Legislature.  I dropped out before the election.
14. I had a pony tail and goatee for seven years. 
15. I learned how to type on a typewriter (IBM Selectric II).
16. I share a birthday with Marie Osmond, Paul Simon, Sammy Hagar, Chris Carter, Maria Cantwell (one of my U.S. Senators), Mario Bonilla (the younger), Kerry Bloxham, and my cousin’s daughter.
17. I have run a 5k, a 10k and a half-marathon.
18. I once received an email from Douglas Adams.  I also had a link-exchange in our blogs with Orson Scott Card.
19. I didn’t start playing Sudoku until the trip to be with my mother when she died.
20. I like Barry Manilow’s music.  Especially “Weekend in New England.”
21. I have seen the Cassini division from a personal telescope (that didn’t belong to me).
22. I’ve been hit by a car.
23. I have autographed pictures from Heather Locklear and Carmen Thomas.
24. I enjoy building computer systems, especially if I’m installing Linux on them.
25. My domestic abuse website has won several awards over the years, and has seen most of those award sites go down (excepting those built by Dr. John Grohol).

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