30 Years in 221 Words

I’ve been finding people online that I haven’t seen or spoken to in several decades.  I don’t know of a real way to catch up from all of that other than lengthy conversations in-person, but those aren’t practical in the short-term, so I adapted this from something I put together for my high school reunion last Summer to be better than nothing.

Names and ages of children:  Ben Nelson 22.9 (end of February), Emily Nelson 20.8 (end of March), Kaycii Lynn 18

Post High School education:  BA in General Studies, History minor, Classical Studies minor, Western Washington University, Dec 2007

Hobbies/Interests:  Computers, Scottish Country Dance, English Country Dance, Contradance, Music, Long Distance Running, Facebook

30 Years in bullet points:

  • Moved from Mesa, AZ to Laurel, MT Jun-Aug 1980.  Returned Aug 1980, Christmas 1983, Feb 1995, Jun 1995, Feb 2006, Apr 2006, Jun-Jul 2006
  • Attended Laurel High School, graduating 20 Mar 1984
  • Moved from Laurel 15 Jun 1984.  Returned Jan 1985, Nov 1997.
  • Arrived in Ferndale, WA 29 Dec 1984 (have lived in Whatcom County ever since).
  • Married 20 Mar 1986.  Separated 15 Apr 1994. Divorce to be filed March 2010.
  • Dad died Jan 1998 abruptly.
  • Mom died Jul 2006 after fighting cancer for several years.
  • Began Whatcom Community College Fall 1990 — Graduated Western Washington University Fall 2007.

Jobs include (times approximate):
Pulping Research Technician, New Fibers International, 2 years
Cashier, Target Stores, 14 years
Math Tutor, 10 years
Volunteer Cofacilitator, Abuse Control Training and Violence Intervention Professionals, 4 years
Author and Webmaster, Blain Nelson’s Abuse Pages, 15 years
Election Worker, 8 years
Child Care Worker, Secret Harbor, and Pioneer Human Services, 6 years (current)

Political involvement:
Founded Mount Baker Chapter of the National Space Society
Appeared on local radio talk show 7 times to discuss Space issues
Candidate, Washington State Representative 1994 (withdrew prior to election)
Vice President, Whatcom County Young Republicans
Wrote and lobbied for two bills before Washington State Legislature (didn’t pass)

9 thoughts on “30 Years in 221 Words

  1. Thanx Blain,
    I’ve been interested in your life (call it respect) for more than 20 years and most of this is new to me (three kids just a little younger than my two). Sorry your Moms gone before I got a chance to talk to her again and sorry to’ve never met your dad.

    Needed your advice during the 2007-2008 Spokane Convention and thought of calling you several times but it was SO hectic from Caucus to State with all the Ron Paul people looking for my help and my being so ignorant,

    My family is still in the Lower Mainland so I’ll be back off and on Ishn’Allah.
    Hope to be able to get together.


  2. Yeah, I imagine it was. The Paul-ies apparently had quite an impact around here too, at least in the short run. It’s unclear if they’re going to have the staying power to make a difference, or if this is just Robertson Part II.

    We can definitely meet up when you’re around.

  3. 3 — I left in 1980 (June), so I probably didn’t know you. But I went to the Trivium until 6th Grade, Edison for 6th Grade (yes, it was a repeat, but to put me closer to my age group — I skipped 2nd Grade at the Trivium), and Kino for 7th and 8th. Would have graduated from Westwood in 84 if I’d stayed. I was in 28th Ward (East, then North Stake).

  4. If you were at the New Years Eve dance for the 83/84 night at the Tri-Stake Center, you could have seen me. That’s probably our closest approach.

  5. i misread your post-i thought you were saying you moved back a few times after the initial move in 80. i was not at that particular dance, but i did go to quite a few sat night dances at that westwood building. kino is the only school(besides westwood)that i recognized. when you originally posted to my blog, i thought your name sounded familiar-thought we might have crossed paths somewhere. nelson is a fairly common lds name in those parts. almost like shumway or farnsworth 🙂

  6. No, those were just visits that didn’t last long. The Trivium was a private school on Mesa Drive just as you come off the mesa between Brown and McKellips (it’s long since gone, and they’ve built a subdivision there). Edison is the elementary school on Horne, just off of University, north of Kino.

    I knew Shumways and Farnsworths — Todd Shumway was one of my favorite friends when I was quite small. But I’m not related to any of the Mesa Nelsons — we came from Montana and Minnesota.

  7. Hey! I dance with all kinds of women with all kinds of looks! I honestly don’t remember dancing at all that night, but it’s been 26 years. I most likely did dance, but not with anybody I knew.

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