A bit of catch-up

Been rather busy with work and stuff, and not a whole lot of exciting things to talk about, but there have been a few recenty and I just feel like talking about some stuff.

Just finished a rough weekend. It was fun, but it was a lot of work too.

Saturday morning I went to the Bellingham Fit orientation, which included a three mile time-trial to assign me to my pace group. I did my three miles in 38:21, which put me into the Red Group, the slowest of the groups that does any running at all. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to train up out of it or not — I might well, as you can change pace groups as your running time changes. I did the trial by walking the first two minutes to warm up, and then ran 50-60 steps for every 100 I walked the rest of the way around. This is my current training pace (50:100), but I’m stepping that up on my mid-week training and should be at 65:100 this Saturday (the second orientation and another time-trial). I’ll talk with the coaches about what I’m doing in this regard, and we’ll see how quickly I should move toward my goals of scout-pace (100:100) and Brud-pace (named for a teacher at FHS — 100:50).

Anyhow, that was the early morning. Then I headed home, washed up, got dressed and hurried into Bellingham to stand around for an hour and a half or so before it was time to actually march in the Ski to Sea Grand Parade with the Highland Games group. I was in my kilt and spiffy new peasant shirt, and my sun-screen worked, and I wasn’t all that hot, even though it was a hotter than normal day — that day set a record in Seattle for heat. That was fun, once we got moving — it only took 10-15 minutes to walk the parade route, but we were the 104th item out of 120 or so. I suggested that we needed some better friends.

After that, I gathered up girls (mine and a spare) and took them home to get some forgotten things before heading South. One got dropped in Marysville to spend the weekend with some friends, and the other and the spare rode with me to Seattle for the Folklife Festival. I then got in about 2.5 hours of contradancing, after which I was exhausted, sore, and my spiffy peasant shirt was totally sweat soaked and clammy (from which I learned that under-shirts are a must — they help absorb and distribute the sweat so as to make things more pleasant for everybody). We finished the night at Mom’s new apartment (which I helped move her into the previous weekend with my nephew’s help, along with a couple of men from Church down there).

Sunday I took Mom to Church, and then took her and the girls to check out the way to get to the meeting place for Seattle Fit, which does their orientation next Saturday. We went through the tough part of it twice, to make sure she’d be familiar with the places she’d need to be turning — she gets uptight when driving places she’s not really familiar with, and that makes her more likely to do things to get more lost and frustrated.

Then we took her home, and I took the girls back to Folklife. I went for the Waltz night on the Big Bamboo Dancefloor, and the girls wandered around doing their thing but they seemed to spend about half the night around that floor also (although they didn’t try any of the waltzing). My waltzing has always been at least a little weak, and I wanted both the instruction of the two workshops that night and the chance to practice. The instruction was of limited use, but I did gain some important concepts in how to make this stuff work, and I got to dance with some very nice ladies who were very good dancers.

Monday morning, we headed back to Folklife for its last day. I participated in the Scottish Country Dance Workshop at 11:00, contradanced for about an hour, and then went to watch the SCD demonstration that the Seattle Group put on — they did quite well, although I was able to spot the few mistakes that cropped up (as they always do), as I was familiar with most of the dances they demonstrated). Then it was back to the Roadhouse for about a half hour of English Country Dance, and then it was all Contra for the rest of the afternoon until about 6:30 or so. The girl with me was telling me she wasn’t feeling well, and I wasn’t getting much help in figuring out what I could do to help her with it, and I was pretty tired and sore by that point, so it was time to go change to dry clothes and head home.

The ride home was long (an hour lay-over in Marysville with the friend while I picked up the other girl), and we were all kinda tired and grouchy to some degree. But we all survived, which was a good thing.

And now it’s time to do another entry about stuff since then.

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