A quick introduction to me.

Here’s where you can find some of the more current things I’m doing on the net. You can also check out my blog posts from the links on the right.  Be warned that I say things that people don’t often say.  Some thinking on your part might result from exposure to these odd things I say.  I’m mostly spending way too much time on Facebook, these days.

Hi. My name is Blain Nelson. This is my homepage. It tells you a bit about me, and points to the rest of my website. Some parts of this system are better maintained than others, so some of the links might not work. If you find that some page is consistently not here when it claims to be, or a link that is clearly screwed up, this is a good place to leave a comment about it.

First and most importantly, I’m Dad to three great kids, aged 29, 27 and 25. Their mom and I don’t live together any more, because I was abusive to her over the years we did live together. We get along pretty well, but we finally divorced effective 23 Jun 2014.

I’m an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I do accept being called a Mormon without flinching. I’m currently without a calling — I don’t even have a HT assignment, nor a HT assigned.  Which isn’t bad.

As I mentioned before, I’m a recovering spouse abuser. I’ve been in recovery for about eight years now (since May 1994), and plan to stay in recovery the rest of my life. To help in my recovery, I created a website on the topic of domestic abuse that’s been fairly popular over the years that I’m going to be converting into a blog format after I learn the ropes with this one. I also volunteered as a cofacilitator in a certified Domestic Violence Perpetrators program from January 1996 through July 2001, ending up with Violence Intervention Professionals. I have contacted the agency about volunteering there again now. I learned a lot from being in front of the group as opposed to being part of the group, and I run into people from group nearly everywhere I go. I also worked with the local DV Task Force on the October 1997 Domestic Violence Awareness Month with the theme of Refuse to Abuse, and I put together a small site about the different events going on for the month. I may also be working on this year’s celebration. I have also created a family of mail lists for those involved with domestic abuser treatment and domestic abuse survivors.

I’m not the most gifted math person in the world, but I enjoy it a great deal. I realize that not everybody shares that enjoyment with me, and I can help with that. I am a math tutor, or, more precisely, I’m a math learning coach. I can help people learn math. I’ve put together a website that gives information about my math services. I can also provide tutoring in other subjects, including computer use, English (composition and literature), and other general educational subjects through beginning college level.

I am an alumnus of Western Washington University, majoring in General Studies, with minors in Classical Studies, and History. I am also an alumnus of Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, WA and of Laurel High School in Laurel, MT. I’m looking for contact info about LHS graduates in the years 1980 (the year I got there) to 1987 (when the freshmen I knew as a senior graduated), along with friends elsewhere in the state that I knew from Speech and Drama (1981-1984) or Model United Nations (November 1983). Some of the specific people I’d like to make contact with again include Stacy Jovanovich, Beth Busch, and Scott Rickard. The LHS Class of 1984 has a significant presence on Facebook, and had a reunion in Laurel across the Independence Day weekend 2009.  It was fun.

I created the Teri Hatcher (nude) Pictures mini-FAQ. It’s no longer necessary so, after more than a decade, I’m taking it down.

I still recommend the EFF’s Extended Guide to the Internet in HTML format. I used to host a copy of it on my site, even. This has been an excellent resource for beginners to the Internet, but the HTML version is several years old now, and may not be all that relevant anymore. Feel free to point any beginners at it who are asking for help. It will answer a lot of their questions, particularly background and history information about the Net.

My e-mail address is found on my feedback page. Feel free to send me a message if there is anything on these pages you’d like to comment on privately. I will respond, as I have time, to serious messages, and will probably ignore flames because life’s too short for that stuff. If I seem to be ignoring you for a long time (more than a month), get back to me either there, or leave a comment here, as I may have lost your e-mail and, thus, can’t reply. It’s happened more than once.

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