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I don’t find much to add to my static web pages these days, but I am still active on the net. Here are some places I spend time:


For those not familiar with them, podcasts are (usually) audio programs distributed on the net using RSS feeds and Bittorrent transfers to allow for the automated distribution of those programs without placing a huge burden on the person providing the program. These range from professional radio programs to totally amateur productions. I’ve just started producing podcasts of my own, but I’ve been listening to other podcasts for several months now. As you can subscribe at any time, and (usually) all the earlier podcasts are still available, it can take quite a while to catch up if you want to start at the beginning (like I do). The files are in mp3 format (almost always) and can be listened to on anything that plays mp3s (ipods and portable mp3 players being a very popular way of doing so).

The little XML button after the name of a podcast is a link you can use to subscribe to the podcast if you already have a podcast client. I personally use Icepodder, which is based off of the old Ipodder code for Linux, or you can use Juice under Windows which is also based of the old Ipodder code.

Podcasts I Produce

Watch Your Language XML
Watch Your Language is a discussion of language, linguistics, and, particularly, the continuing development of American English. Not only are these changes described, but positions are taken on issues such as gender-specific language, taboo words, verbal abuse and “Proper” English. Things which might just make your English teacher or professor angry.
Untitled Upcoming Mormon Podcast
Watch this space

Podcasts I Listen To

Mormon Related Podcasts

Mormon Stories Podcast XML
Mormon Stories Podcast was put together by John Dehlin, and is a collection of stories from Mormons of all kinds, including former Mormons. John has recently joined the board at Sunstone, and has helped create the Sunstone Podcasts listed below. Currently, Mormon Stories Podcast and the Sunstone Podcasts are out of production, but their archives are quite cool, and I still recommend them.
This Mormon Life XML
This Mormon Life, previously known as Latter-day Slant, was hosted by Dallas and Janelle, and consists of them discussing issues in Mormon life, ranging from reviews of books and General Conference to whatever they want to talk about. This is also out of production with no news about when it might start again.
Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat XML
The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat is the podcast of a radio program hosted by Stephen Kapp Perry (yes, related to that other Kapp Perry), with interviews relating to events in Mormon music. It is still in production.
Catholic Mormon Podcast XML
The Catholic Mormon Podcast was produced by Rob, a “cradle Catholic” who was transformed from a Lite Catholic (all of the forgiveness and none of the work) to a practicing Catholic during his courtship with Sarah, a life-long Mormon girl who converted to Catholicism during the same courtship period. There is more to the story than that, and they will give you more if you listen to the whole show. The show isn’t exactly anti-Mormon, although anti-Mormon sources are mentioned from time to time while Mormon apologetics don’t get much mention. It is very useful in understanding the Catholic Church, and also in seeing a fairly surface understanding of Mormonism. Sarah and Rob are very real in how they present their own experiences, and they are known to go on a rant from time to time, but sincerely try to be both kind and respectful to those they disagree with. This went out of production several years ago — I think they might have run out of things to say, and life got busy. I can relate.
LDS Voices XML
LDS Voices is what happens when someone looks through the audio archives at BYU and puts one or two talks from those archives every day. Many BYU and Ricks College devotionals are included. This feed is still being generated, although it’s no longer posting new material every day.
Sunstone Podcast XML
Sunstone Podcast was created by John Dehlin, and he was frequently the host, although others from Sunstone can host as well. The show included interviews on various topics related to the Sunstome approach.
Sunstone Classics Podcast XML
Sunstone Classics Podcast was an exploration of the audio archives from various Sunstone Symposia over the years.

Music Podcasts

Freakin’ Funny Music XML
Jake Waters weekly exploration of novelty music. Not always child appropriate. This went out of production, with Jake helping out with the Mad Music Archive podcast for a time. Jake, after leaving the Mad Music Archive podcast, did a Christmas show for 2008, but there has been nothing new since then.
Celtic Music News Podcast XML
A weekly exploration of modern Celtic and Celtic-rock music. This has been out of production for some time, with a one-off show where Aaron voiced hopes of going into more frequent production again, but nothing has followed.
Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat XML
The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat is the podcast of a radio program hosted by Stephen Kapp Perry (yes, related to that other Kapp Perry), with interviews relating to events in Mormon music. Staying alive.

Geeky/Other Podcasts

Geek iNtertainment XML
Geek iNtertainment is a discussion of all things geeky — computers, video games, science fiction, etc. This feed also includes the Buffcast and Angel Investigations, listed below. I quit listening after the Buffcast came to an end, and can’t vouch that it’s still going on.
Buffcast XML
Season-by-season discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don’t bug them about the Season Three show — they already know.
Angel Investigations XML
Season-by-season discussion of Angel (the TV show).
Freakin’ Funny Music XML
The Word Nerds XML
Three teachers discussing words and language, only more interesting and fun than that sounds. This is still in production after several years, although it’s gone from weekly production to semi-monthly-ish production.
Reel Reviews Radio XML
Michael W. Geoghegan discussed films “worth watching,” Michael always had interesting insights into the films he discusses, and I’ve gotten several tips on films that I’ve enjoyed (and some, not so much, but that’s okay). He can tell you what he likes and what he likes about it, and make the discussion interesting along the way. This went out of production a few years back, with no word of starting again.

Podcast Directories I Want Happy With Me


In this section, the XML links are to the RSS feeds for the blog posts. Several have separate RSS feeds for the comments for each post as well. My RSS reader is the Sage extension for Firefox, FWIW.

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Millenial Star XML
Feminist Mormon Housewives XML

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New Urban Legends from XML
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The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua XML
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