A very dense and humorous summary

of the problems I see with some aspects of mainstream Christian theology, particularly the Trinity.

I should note that this wasn’t created (to the best of my knowledge) by a Mormon, and that it likely is intending to discredit Christianity as a whole. 

2 thoughts on “A very dense and humorous summary

  1. hehehehehe I like it! And yes, likely an attempt at discrediting, for sure, but it does have a humorous bend to it 🙂

    I’ll never forget when Tinker would tell me how he and most other natives saw Christianity. It was true, and I could see how it would look that way from the outside…but also funny.

    Like the images of the Sacred Heart. Said it scared the crap out of him, he thought we pulled people’s hearts out of their chests! When we weren’t torturing people by nailing them to a cross of wood, of course.

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