A week with two Mondays

And then it was Tuesday. I had talked with my supervisor last week about doing a couple of transports with kids from our Residential Treatment Program, but had been vague on which days and when it would start and end. Well, it was supposed to start yesterday morning and was just for this week, but I didn’t know this until after I had missed the pick-up time. I didn’t even think about it until I had left to do my training run for the day, and, when I got home to the cell phone, there was the message asking where I was and what was going on. I hate when this happens, both because I hate letting folks down and because I hate having to explain to three-to-five people exactly what happened. Yuck.

So then I got ready and went down to the office. As I got in the car to go, I got a call from my supervisor clarifying the above information and giving me the second try to explain what went on. When I finished with him, I called to talk to either one of the specialists involved with my job for the day, and found that one was on vacation and the other was out to lunch. But the receptionist gave me my third chance to explain what happened, and let me know that the girls I was picking up for my only for-sure job of the day had no school for the day. So I called their foster mom and arranged to pick them up at 2:30.

Then I stopped by the office to talk to the specialist who had returned from lunch. On my way to her office, I got stopped by the Clinical Director (the second most senior person in our program) to introduce me to the two new part-time specialists. He told them that, if they had tough kids, they’d learn to love me, which was a very nice thing for him to say. Then I talked with the specialist I came to see and verified that I did not have a second job for the day — all I had was transporting the girls. But, by this time, I was fifteen minutes later getting out the door than I wanted to be, and was fifteen minutes late picking them up, and about five minutes late getting them back to the office — not good, but nobody complained.

I was done, so I went and gassed up the van (I do that transport in the agency van rather than my own car), and then went home. I found the door open — my room-mate had had a small grease-fire on the stove, put it out, and was in the midst of cleaning it up when I got there. Nifty-nifty.

Then I went to print the training schedule for Bellingham Fit, and found that I couldn’t get their formatting to print nicely. I was going to need to reformat it a bit, so it took some playing with it to get it just the way I wanted it. After some false starts, I got what they had spreading over about five letter-sized pages and not terribly coherent into one side of one legal sized page. However, my printer decided right before I could print that final version that the ink cartridge was out of ink (it was still printing decently dark at this point, so it wasn’t all-the-way out). So I dug out my refill kit I had just purchased for just such an occasion, and, after filling it, found that I had to play stupid games with the contacts to try to trick the printer into thinking that this was a brand-new cartridge. And my printer was having none of that — it never even blinked when I did the things the instructions said. I was not at all happy by this point — I was really offended that HP would do such a Lexmark-y thing. This morning, I looked at the box for the refill kit and they (Office Depot) had a support number, and I called it, spent about fifteen seconds on hold before I got to a human, told her what was going on in about 1 minute, and she said “Okay, we’ll send you a new cartridge then, what’s your name?” They’re non-priority FedEx-ing it here. But, see, that was today, and today is no longer the second Monday of the week. And Office Depot impressed me with their willingness to step up and make things work with more than they really needed to. I figure the cartridge will be a refill, rather than OEM, but that’s fine with me — I don’t need OEM, I just need something that works.

So, today I should be able to get some case-notes typed up on my Palm during the visit I’m supervising — I got almost a week’s worth typed up during this visit last week — and, by the time I get the printer working again, I should be able to do several weeks worth of casenotes to turn in next week. That will make my supervisor happier.

Beyond that, dance season is mostly over. No more SCD classes until September. About three contradances up here between now and September (rather than two a month). Might still have ECD going on at the Senior Center on Thursday afternoons if I can make them (usually can’t). There will be more dance things going on in Seattle, and, now that Mom’s moved into her own place, I can crash there after a dance (her former room-mates didn’t like our family coming down there and staying very much, even when Mom was doing the hard part of cancer recovery and chemo). We do have the Bellingham Highland Games this weekend, and I’ll be dancing Saturday. Next month, we’ve got the Skagit Highland Games, and I’ll be dancing there on that Saturday (10 Jul?) as well. And there’s a rather major SCD dance at Friday Harbor the 18th and the “Around the Sound” contradance (on the same ferry to Friday Harbor) the week prior. So there are a few dance things going on, but they’re more special events than just a run-of-the-mill dance thing.


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