Adolescent Relationship Abuse

I’m considering putting together a presentation I can take to schools having to do with abuse among adolescents in romantic relationships.  This comes after running into stories of teens who were in abusive relationships without realizing that they were, because they didn’t know what abuse looks like.

So, I’m looking for some ideas about what kinds of information to include in such a presentation.  I’m thinking the questions from the introductory page here is going to be a good place to begin, but I would — that’s how I’ve built the site to work from the very beginning.  I think the questions build clarity, which is the most important thing to me.  When people have clarity about what in their lives is abusive, they have something to work with in terms of finding help.

But I’m definitely up for input.  I’m also looking at building the blog here as a place people can come for onging and updated information on abuse recovery, and I”ll be looking for people who can provide articles and also who can bring questions on abuse for me to respond to.  So, the few people who are aware that this is here are requested to help point people here, so that people who could benefit from the information here (I intend that to be anybody, not just those in identifiably abusive relationships) are exposed to it.


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