Superbowl PSA on Abuse

This is an interesting PSA, but I’m wondering what it’s supposed to accomplish.  Perhaps informing people that people in abusive situations might have to communicate in less-than-clear ways to reach out for help, so those they reach out to might need to be prepared to meet them half-way to understand what they’re saying and asking for.  If so, I agree, and it’s why I put information on my Main Abuse Page for those who find friends in the lists of questions.  There is need for people in general to know more about the realities of abuse and what can be done about it from their various roles.  Education is useful, but difficult, because everybody seems to think they know everything they need to about the issue.  But they don’t.  If they did, the problem would be solved.

It’s nice that the NFL is sponsoring this.  They’re clearly responding to the high profile abuse cases that have been in the news this past year.  They want to be seen as taking the problem seriously.  Which is nice.  I just wish the message they were promoting gave people useful information they could use to better respond to abuse situations.  I like that is encouraging people to be ready to talk about abuse of various kinds, but I find their PSAs on NBC interesting because I am someone who loves talking about abuse of any kind at any time with anyone willing to have the conversation, because I want to destigmatize the topic and help circulate useful information so that people are better able to address the abuse they have contact with.  Thus, I’m here.

The problem I see the NFL being in is that everybody wants to be seen to be on the right side of the issue, but the only consensus there is about the right side of the issue is that everyone is opposed to it, and dislikes abusers.  But that last part just perpetuates the problem — sorry.  I’ll write more about that before long.

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