Help Wanted

Howdy.  I’m looking for some people who can help out with things to make this a better and more useful resource.  This means those who actually care enough about the place to do such extraordinary acts as follow what goes on here, specifically those who are reading this post.  This means you.

1.  Roundtable members:  I want to have a group of people who are willing to engage in conversations on abuse-related matters, so we can post the conversations around here.  We might have those conversations via email or threads around here that aren’t open to everyone.  I’m open to input on how to do that.  The required qualifications are that you are human and can read and write.  I want people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including service providers, advocates, survivors, abusers, and civilians (those in no way associated with the world of abuse other than an interest in it).

2.  Promoters:  I would like people to share this resource with others in their circles.  The FB group for the blog is nowhere close to the 100 likes required to increase its visibility.  That can include not only sharing the link to the blog itself, but also reading through the posts here and sharing any that you find interesting.  I know there aren’t many at the moment, but getting the roundtable going should help provide more material to post that can hopefully lead to more conversation.

3.  Commenters:  I would really like people to respond to the posts and pages around here with comments (available at the bottom of each post or page).  First-time commenters’ comments have to be hand moderated (currently by me), so they won’t appear right away, but once I’ve released your first comment, your comments will be released immediately.

4.  Permas, Mods, etc.:  I would like to see this grow beyond me.  When the site first went up, and it had more traffic than it does today, people submitted their stories, and those stories are still available.  But it’s been a long time since anybody submitted a story.  And I don’t even get email about the site much anymore.  As things grow here (which I hope they will), there will be need for other people who can help out as Permas (Perma-bloggers, or those who regularly produce posts here), Mods (Moderators, who can release comments from new commenters and delete inappropriate comments, including the large number of spam comments that are submitted here), and I would like to create a podcast based on conversation like what I’ve described in the Roundtable point above.  Podcasts have proven quite effective in reaching large numbers of people who don’t necessarily have time to actively follow the posts on a blog.

I don’t expect anything here that would take more than a few hours a week for the foreseeable future, but some of these roles are more responsible than others.  This is life in the New Media, where reaching out virally to involve more and more people is how you create useful content to help people.  Letting me know what you’d like to do in a comment below with your real email address would be a great way to start being involved.  Thanks.

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