Changes coming.

The time has come to make some changes around here.  Structural changes in what this site/blog is.  The site has been around sharing a different approach to abuse recovery for more than twenty years now.  And it’s going to stay around doing that job indefinitely.  But under the brand of Abuse-free, and that brand is going to be applied to a whole new effort I’m going to be making to help reach people currently involved in abusive situations to help them find their way to safe and abuse-free lives.  This is going to involve more than just sitting on a website waiting for people to find me.

I’m planning to form a non-profit under the brand Abuse-free, which I will engage in fund-raising activities for.  The money will go toward funding healing opportunities for underserved populations that the mainstream abuse community has ignored, largely because they defy the narrative the mainstream abuse community subscribes to.  My purpose isn’t in fighting or refuting that narrative — it’s in reaching beyond it to help all people experiencing abuse.  Abuse-free isn’t going to be anti-feminist, if anybody’s wondering.  The feminist movement created the mainstream abuse community, which has brought attention to this issue, creating what infrastructure and support has been created, and that’s been a major effort that has helped people and saved lives.  Without that, this site, my recovery and Abuse-free wouldn’t exist.  I view that with gratitude.  But not enough gratitude that I’m going to join them in turning a blind eye to the people and situations they have ignored.

The next step in the effort is going to be to create the Abuse-free Podcast, which will begin with me reading in the information found around here, and then growing into whatever else comes along.  I expect to create some new material.  And to respond to questions and comments from listeners.  I plan to start recording on this in the next few weeks, and then editing them together and publishing them when I’ve got enough for a handful of episodes.

Somewhere will come the creation of the non-profit, and then will come the plans for the fund-raising.  I’ll talk about them here as they progress.  I will need your help with this.  Nothing much from any one person.  But the point here is to reach many, many people, some of whom can help with the effort, and some of whom will be helped by the effort.  So, the biggest piece of help we can receive is in reaching people.  There is no special need for those people, although those who are used to helping with charitable efforts and fundraising can be particularly helpful with the fundraising and building up of the agency.  If you have access to any of them, please reach out to them, but also just reaching average folks with no special connections.  Abuse is a problem that reaches many, many people.  So, anyone you know could benefit from this information, and could benefit the effort by helping to reach people and maybe make small contributions of funds.  Enough small donations can add up to a large donations.

This is about ending the cycle of abuse.  This is going to take all of us.

All God’s critters got a place in the choir
Some sing low, some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
And some just clap their hands, or paws or anything they got now

I’m a big fan for those who just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got.  They make the world go around.  As George Bailey would say, ” they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this [world].”  Let’s help them and the rest of us do so in a world where abuse of all kinds are forever unacceptable.  What do you say?

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