The future is coming!

Which, of course, it always is.  But, here, I mean that moving toward the goal of creating Abuse-free as a nonprofit agency is happening, slowly though it feels like it is happening.  I have been kinda stuck with knowing the very next step to take toward that goal, and have taken some stabs at several possible very next steps.  What’s making sense to me at the moment is to start the Abuse-free Podcast as a way of reaching out to people with information they can use for addressing abuse in their lives and of reaching out to people who might share the Abuse-free vision and want to support it.  After that will come forming the non-profit and start-up fundraising.  And, as time goes on, will come creating one or more presentations I can make about the Abuse-free vision and the agency and about living Abuse-free.  My imagined time-frame is to spend the rest of this year gathering the things I need to do the podcast (hardware, software, accounts, etc.) so that can start production after the start of 2018.  I will be moving at the start of 2018, so things might get a little cramped for time, but I hope to have something new ready for public consumption by 1 Apr 2018.  

The content for the podcast will start mostly with me reading things already posted to the pages around here, but I’d like it to become more of a dialogue between me and the people I’m reaching with this effort as soon as possible.

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