I am not the world’s ultimate resource when it comes to Domestic Abuse issues. I’m a recovering abuser who wanted to see some useful information available on the net at a time when there wasn’t very much. The information on this site is pretty standard stuff that I’ve picked up from my ACT class and other things I’ve found here and there.

I didn’t put this information together to be the final answer for abuse issues on the net. I put it together so that there would be something available for net folks to look at to get some information they could use in their lives to help identify and stop the abuse which is so terrifyingly and silently common in our communities and homes throughout the world. The addition of any resources to these pages is in no way an endorsement of the resources or the views of their authors. My views will be expressed in pages with my name on them and I will not edit for content any of the other information available here.

If you would like to add information to what I have here, you are more than welcome to e-mail me about it (my FAQ has some useful information about contacting me, as well as information about submissions). Pointers to any existing net resources are appreciated, as is new information which is either in the public domain or for which I can receive permission from the authors. I would prefer that new information be documented where practical. New info will be converted into html format to improve its presentation, and the html may be revised as new versions of html are released, or when the whim strikes me to do something different.

My information is not perfect, and any statistics found here should be used with particular caution due to my lack of trust in the use of abuse statistics. I suppose it is possible that you could use it in some way that could cause harm to yourself or others (quick way of telling if you are abusing this information: are you using it to make someone else look bad, or are you using it to try to make sense of your life? If the answer is the former, you are abusing the info), and thus I can not be liable for what you do with it. I’m busy enough trying to take responsibility for myself that I just don’t have what it takes to take responsibility for you as well.


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