First Message

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 06:11:00 -0400
From: Sue
To: Blain Nelson
Subject: Get Help Soon!

Your denial is fascinating. Fact;
95% of all batterers are male
You claim, er, blame for highter statistics????

Mininmizing and A whole lot more. Guess we women gotta get a realistic page on the web, don’t we?

You say to write, but every single woman you receieved email from who is being battered, never hears back ! ! !

Top 5% *????????
A singular answer, it’s still male dominant.

The other sources are not feminist *. They are realistic.

Well, as long as guys like you are out loose, it shall remain that We go to jail for fighting to off, and you get off scott free.

Who ever said slavery was abolished?

You make it clear.

Get well. YOu ain’t even begun the real process yet, fella. You could have helped women too bad you didn’t really want to do anything except the old male “mine is bigger than yours”. You talk the talk. Where’s the walk?

PS. This is sent from another site! But any response will be forwarded to me.,

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