Second Message

Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 21:00:59 -0400
From: Sue
To: Blain Nelson
Subject: We wrote, you DID NOT RESPOND

Myself and two others wrote to you from a shelter *. You never wrote back. It was not returned. We are running for our lives. But all you present is that men have it so hard. Yet men with disabilities get hired, my husband has obviously payed someone not to press charges. Women not men die one daily per state. Women do not have great presence on the web. It’s still a man’s world. Men by nature enjoy violence, if you look at sports for starters.

I am permenantly disabled because of my husband. There is not one penny out there, to get our car repaired, and go to CA where friends await our arrival, and will assist in relocating. Men help men. Women raise kids.

My husband got my address today, and I must go on the run again. If we think the won’t kill me, we are nuts. I am in severe danger now, just now.

I am disabled and there are not any PWD* accessible shelters anywhere for us.

You still minimize a lot Blain, the staff sees it, male therapists. A better presentation would be good.

You have not ever once responded to a woman’s cry for help!!!!!!!! I have no way to get out of here. Are you concerned? thought so.

He will kill, I have no legs which work. No car repair, he cut off all funds and makes 60K, insists the abuse not be brought up or he will have my daughter removed, period. Because everyone knows gimps make bad moms.

Control, denial and minimization are all on the side of men.

We filed for an order for protection and they didn’t ever get back to us. They have standing orders to put him in jail. It has been four months.

But worst of all: a man gets only around 2 years for taking our lives. Women who defend, are on death row.

Think about it……….

Besides, by this time next week, unless some generous handout is given, I won’t even be here next month.

And guess what Blain, we know that you don’t give a rip? Why??????????

Beacuse you are male and they only know how to stick together.

To everyone at the shelter, you have a lot of recovery to do! Should you feel like contributing out our survival, for it is the end of the fiscal year, so that we might go to another shelter, do let us know. THe shelter will see that the money gets to us.

I got polio from the vaccine. So why are we still using it? Dead virus only, today!

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