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Compiling a useful set of useful books that will be helpful to people interested in learning about abuse, helping stop abuse, healing from abuse, or hoping to prevent abuse from being an issue in their lives is quite a task, one I'm not sure I'm quite up to. So, rather than try to do it all, I'm putting together some lists of books that might be helpful. The first is the one I started with, organized by author based on authors I know of and authors I don't. The second is topic-based. There will be others, as well as additions to these lists. And, beyond the books on these lists, you're sure welcome to use the special thingy at the bottom to search for any book or CD or whatever else my associates at might be selling at this point in time (seems like they'll be selling kitchen sinks any day now) if you'd like to see a portion of your purchase price go toward supporting this website (it will not in any way increase your price to do so).

If you've got ideas of books and authors that would fit around here that aren't already here, give me a shout and I'll probably add them. If you want to put together a list of books and authors and contribute them to the site, whether the books are on one of my lists or not, perhaps including some descriptions of the books, that would be cool too.

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