Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
DV Resources from Academic Family Medicine Mail-list Archive

Back in the early days of the site, I was looking for information on abuse to include in the site, and I stumbled on a posting to the Academic Family Medicine Mail-list (which may or may not still exist). I got ahold of the original poster, who couldn't give me sources for any of this stuff, but had no problem with me including it here, so I went through and used it as an exercise in learning HTML to convert that one long posting into this portion of my website.

Since then, as the web has grown, and my understanding of abuse has deepened, I've found that I disagree with some of the points made in this. But I continue to include it in my site because there's still good information in it, and because there are still sites that link to this portion of my site only. But I am changing this document to explain how it came to be here, rather than the introduction from the old email that started it all.