Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Note about DV Resources from Academic Family Medicine Mail-list Archive

To clear up some confusion, I, Blain, want to make it clear that I am not the compiler of this information. I found this information in the archive of this mail-list, and simply cut it up to make better use of the HTML possibilities.

I do not have the sources for the facts cited in here. I personally have doubts about some of the facts included here, and don't know that I agree with everything listed here, particularly in the True/False Quiz (the answers to which are found through the "Answer" anchor after each question). This information was among the earliest information I could find when I started my abuse pages and it does include some excellent points on supporting battered women.

I have kept all the information together as essentially the same unit I found it in, and expect it to remain in this form, with some minor changes in format as HTML changes (and I learn better how to handle it). I have edited the text of the index slightly so it makes more sense in this context.

I did contact the person who compiled this information, and she was supportive of my pages, and agreed with what I had done in creating the links and things. She chose to remain anonymous in her contribution. All of the use of the first person in the index refers to her, and not me.