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Signs of the Batterer
  1. He is jealous.
  2. He blames others for his faults.
  3. He blames circumstances for his problems.
  4. He demonstrates unpredictable behavior.
  5. He belittles his partner verbally.
  6. He cannot control his anger.
  7. He always asks for a second chance.
  8. He says he'll change - that he won't do it again.
  9. He may have been an abused child, or witnessed his father's abuse of his mother.
  10. He plays on his partner's guilt. (If you loved me you'd ... )
  11. His behavior often becomes worse when he uses drugs or alcohol.
  12. He is closed-minded. His way is the only way.
  13. He may seem charming, gregarious, gentle to non-family members.
  14. He dislikes women, believes that "a woman's place is in the home, and that men have the right to control women.
  15. He abuses his children.

Adapted from the Mennonite Domestic Violence Task Force purple packet

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