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Becoming a Source for Battered Women

The response by outside resources to the battered woman is an important part of her ability to end the violence in her life. If she is believed, supported, and understood, it will help her to define the violence as something she no longer must tolerate in her life. If helping resources act to hold the abuser accountable for his actions, she will understand that the abuse is not her fault

To Let Battered Women Know That Your Organization Can Help

  1. Place brochures, posters and other literature about domestic violence and resources for battered women in public areas.
  2. Take the initiative to discuss the issue of domestic violence in public forums such as professional meetings, community education programs, and staff meetings.
  3. Provide regular trainings and information to your staff about the issue of domestic violence.
  4. Provide pro-bono and in-kind services to agencies that specifically serve battered women, such as shelters, legal centers and hotlines.
  5. If appropriate, list domestic violence as one of the issues your program works on.
  6. If appropriate, include questions about family violence as part of your routine intake procedure.
  7. Address the issue of domestic violence in your organization's personnel policies; make sure that women on your staff can obtain sick leave if they need shelter themselves, for example.
  8. Develop relationships with the agencies that provide services to battered women and their families to facilitate referrals.
  9. Review the policies and procedures of your organization and identify areas where they are or are not consistent with your desire to become a resource for battered women and their families. Suggest appropriate changes.
  10. Declare that your organization is "Safe Space for Women." This means that all attitudes and behaviors that contribute to an atmosphere of violence against women will not be tolerated, and that appropriate steps will be taken to assure, as much as it is possible the safety of all women who enter.

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