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...If Only I Could Get Out of This Chair
L'ucellina, The Little Bird

Salvatore, my Italian law student, often calls me "ucellina" ( ooh-che-leenah), it's Italian for little bird. When we first began talking, I struck him as this "wild free spirit", so he tells me. After my abuse, I began to flit from this interest to that, always trying something new, not unlike a bird fluttering from branch to branch.

I highly recommend getting out and testing your wingspan against any and every type of sky, on any breeze that will carry you. It can not only be exciting, but very rewarding. The only problem lies in knowing how, when and why to land.

My Italian grandfather used to watch the birds fly around in the yard to his house and say to my father: "See tha' board up ther'? How he know wher' to fly, when to come down?" It's a very good question, and even being the "ucellina", I'm not quite sure I have an answer. But I do know this: you can't fly forever. Even the strongest, most graceful of birds has to come down to land every now and then to rest. I have found this out the hard way.

I am currently in a situation where my parents aren't speaking to me, and my closest best friend has dumped me. In order to get these relationships back on track, I have to do some down time in the cage. I've been beating my wings against the sides and have even gotten into such a tizzy that I've molted. For all my carrying on, I never noticed that the door to my cage was left open, so that when I was ready, so was the sky.


Start slowly, and take small steps, before you know it, your Chair will be out at the curb. Don't get discouraged, it's a long and sometimes difficult process, but, I believe in you.