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Your Body and the Demon Child

Shawn tells me he was a "demon child". Knowing him at the age of twenty-three, I am inclined to agree with him. In second grade, he figured out that putting a piece of steel wool to an ordinary battery (don't try this at home), will produce a spark. He brought his discovery into school to amuse his classmates one day...

"What are you up to back there, Mr. Ryan?" asked Sr. Steel Ruler.

"Oh, nothing!" responded Shawn, ever angelic, shoving the steel wool and battery into his pocket.

He beamed a smile at the boy sitting in the desk next to him, who was staring at Shawn's pocket wide-eyed. Shawn looked down to find that there was smoke coming out of his pocket and a large black singe mark spread across the front of his pants...

The moral? Where there is smoke there very well may be fire. Our minds and bodies send very distinct "sparks", or warning signals to help us along sometimes, but all too often, we ignore them. I always seem to miss the first round my brain sends and press on until my body starts revolting to get my attention. When I'm not taking enough time to recharge and be alone, my brain starts sending subtle messages that there will be a breakdown coming if I don't slow down. Usually I hear this, plan on taking a day or two, and someone calls with plans that they "can't possibly do another day", so I go... Until I start losing my voice or pulling muscles, at which point I realize my body isn't going to be as subtle or patient as my mind, and it absolutely won't be ignored.

For the most part, the inner cautions come about to keep us out of harm's way. After all, who knows you better than yourself? The real test comes in trusting these inner signals and realizing they are in your best interest. Try it the next time you find yourself torn in any situation. I always seem to find the option best for me, the one best for the other party involved, and usually wind up opting for the good-intentioned-yet -ultimately-doomed stretch designed to please everyone. Try listening to what's best for you instead of trying to patch everything up and ending up miserable. So listen to the occasional "sparks" of wisdom, you will find that you will have less "fires" to contend with later.