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I haven't written anything here in such a long time because life has changed so much. This site hasn't really taken much of my attention for, well, a long time. But I did just have someone read over the site who asked me about being remarried, so I realized that there was a need for another installment to tie up the loose ends from the last installment. Here goes.

I have not remarried. Faith and I haven't completed the divorce even yet. I can see it happening in the foreseeable future, but it hasn't yet. I have not been working as a counselor since our last installment -- I've been working with troubled youth in the foster care system for most of that time. I'm currently preparing to finish my last quarter before I graduate with my BA and then I'm not sure where my career options are going to take me. I have this notion that I may complete a masters in counseling or psychology (preferably the former, without offense to those who prefer the latter) because I do want to do some counseling, and that's the track it takes to be taken seriously at this. In the interim, I may be doing something that involves training, perhaps with regard to technology and computers, and I might also do some time as a social worker. My life plan is moving toward gelling in a way that it never has before, but it's not really clear in all the details quite yet.

There is a great deal of water under the bridge since I wrote this site -- it's been almost thirteen years since I posted the original version of this site, back when Yahoo was a project run by a couple of college kids at their school, most people hadn't even heard of the world wide web, and there was no such thing as Google or My Space or You Tube. Static pages like this are considered old school, and everyone's talking about Web 2.0 and blogs. I moved the site from to a year ago, and lost a bunch of links from old web pages that don't get updated anymore. This site doesn't show up on google searches for "domestic violence" or "domestic abuse" without a lot of digging, and only a few show up when I look for links to "". I started this because there was no quality information out there on domestic abuse, and now there's quite a lot. Perhaps this site is irrelevant in today's world.

And, yet, I still periodically hear from someone who has found the site useful, so I'll keep it around. The principles I talk about here still work, and there is still a need for people to learn how to live in healthy abuse-free relationships. Perhaps, one day, I'll translate all of this information into some kind of blogging software and rebuild the site around that, and then write blog posts periodically and have people comment on these ideas. I don't know. I'm not sure how up I am to keeping up with these new fangled contraptions the kids keep coming up with. We'll see.

I realize this doesn't talk so much about my life as previous installations have. I have gained new understandings of some of the things I wrote about before, but I want to let them stand as they are for now, although I might discuss those new insights with individuals who might want to contact me about them through my feedback form.

It's been almost seven years since I posted here. Perhaps it will be as long before I post again. We'll see.

Take care,

20 Sep 2007

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