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Top 5% -- This refers to the former rating of this site as being in the Top 5% of the Web by Point Communications.

The other sources are not feminist - - This refers to my denoting some of the other links I point to as being feminist. I've written an article addressing this denotation that may or may not be of interest as well.

Myself and two others wrote to you from a shelter, and -- My response to her first message included a request for her to help me figure out what she was talking about, since I did not recall receiving any messages from her previously. I have never been able to find that message.

PWD, Person With a Disability.

I am not she, and It probably was January or so? -- My response to her second message asked if perhaps her message was a particular one I described.

go ahead and print whatever you wish, and I say go ahead -- My response to her fourth message acknowledged the possibility that she might fall out of touch with me for a number of reasons, including her death if her husband should catch her. In case that should happen, I asked for permission to compile from her messages some sort of article. This is it.

Real Men Needn't Abuse -- This refers to one of my .sig lines that reads "Real Men Don't Choose Violence."