All 118

I just got all 118 elements on the periodic table.  I don’t have them quite all in strict order, but it’s pretty close.  I can get up into the 40s without a problem, and I can get the actinide series in order and about half the lanthanide series in order, and I’m good with everything that comes after the actinide series including the ununs.  Now /. today had an article about unbibium being found in nature (the first transuranic found in nature), and I don’t even know if there are elements 119-121 that have been discovered yet to fill in the table up to then.

I also got all the NFL teams today.  This is good.  And I’ve seen utility to these things (not all of them) in the Millionaires I’ve been watching.  Nothing that I didn’t already know, but the answers come more quickly thus far.

Oh, and it looks like I will get a response from OSC — he asked for the uri to the entry.  Not sure how that’ll come.

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