Almost (probably) done with the heavy rotation.

I can give a bit of information about what’s been going on with me. One of the kids from work has leukemia (AML), and I’m spending time with him in the hospital when his foster mom has to be home with her other foster children. I haven’t figured out all my hours here, but I’m well into overtime for last week and this week, and will be next week even if I only get the two-day week I’m scheduled to be here (plus my two ongoing jobs I had when I was in school).

The medical issues are in pretty good shape, and his survival prognosis is quite good as these things go. Prayers on behalf of “that kid Blain’s working with” are always welcome, but this isn’t something to get too weepy about. It’s just going to be a long and difficult process. We won’t know for a few more weeks if he’s going to need a bone marrow transplant.

The hospital’s not a bad place to be. Next week, my two scheduled days will be contiguous, which is nicer than doing them alternating, like I did this week, which, with my needing to do the third day today, and some Murphy’s scheduling, had me driving home last night and turning around to drive back down early this morning. But I got a nap this afternoon while he was playing games with a volunteer, and that’s helping a lot. We’re trying to arrange so that I only have two days, with someone else taking this Saturday-Sunday shift so I can go to Church. However, there aren’t many staff that will do overnight shifts, and the one who we’ve wanted to take that shift, who is willing to do it, is difficult to replace in the things she’s already doing (she’s really good, and does a lot). We can try some of the new hires, but it’s hard to say if they’ll be up for this. I might have to settle for someone coming down for six hours on Saturday so I can do the visit I do every other Saturday. I should know what’s going on with that by Wednesday.

The nurses are, for the most part, great (a couple of them I think I remember from when Emily was down here a decade ago, and one of the two I rather like). Our current nurse is the appearance trifecta — short, blonde and cute. And she’s a nurse, which all together makes her stupid-pretty (pretty enough that thinking gets impaired and one begins to fear saying or doing something as stupid as one feels like doing). I’m not doing anything all that stupid, and I won’t, but it’s troublesome.

I’m going to go change into my sweats and get ready for bed (which folds out of the chair I’m sitting in in a way that’s not nearly as comfortable as that might sound). I need to figure out how to call the food people to line up a donut and some string cheese for the kid’s breakfast tomorrow, and I’m going to need to pay extortionate prices for some soy milk for my breakfast as well. I’m also going to try to figure out if I can get him a chili-dog (they have really good beef hot dogs, but I can’t find chili anywhere on the menu that he can eat, and I can’t figure out what about chili would be a problem with a suppressed immune system). At the very least, I know he likes the hot dogs, and anything we can do to get protein into him is worth an effort.

So that’s what’s been going on.

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