So, now it looks like I’m not only doing the Saturday-Sunday shift again next weekend (but we have a confirmed replacement after that for the duration) but I also have another job I agreed to do several weeks ago, before the crap hit the fan, to do tomorrow. It’s five hours of face time, plus 90 minutes of paid transport time and 90 minutes unpaid. It won’t be that hard to do, but it’s going to eat into my “catching up” time tomorrow, and will be one less full-day off at a time when those are getting pretty rare.

It will also be another six and a half hours of OT, which I’m suspecting I might get bitched at about sometime. I did the math on my hours since the first of the month last night, and I have more hours each of the last two weeks than I did in the previous two months combined. It’s going to be really nice on pay-day.

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