Arts and Letters Daily Hat Trick.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I subscribe to the Arts & Letters Daily RSS feed — It was Blog of the Week in a recent Blaincast — and that I frequently find an article there of interest, but rarely do I read and like all three articles. 

Today is one such day.  Here is the day’s entry:

Arts & Letters Daily (27 Aug 2008)                


The Cuban judge sat with his feet up on the desk reading a comic book. The sentence for opposing the Revolution: thirty years… more

Most conquerors try to convert their subjects. Hitler’s empire was built on the idea of exterminating the natives… more

We Americans can adjust our compass heading, says John Lewis Gaddis, if we can make ending tyranny once again our priority, as it was through most of our history… more

All three articles are quite interesting, and I recommend giving them at least a look over, as well as consideration of shoving the RSS feed into your aggregator. 

3 thoughts on “Arts and Letters Daily Hat Trick.

  1. As soon as I get a ride, hopefully later today, Safeway will be hit, and all will be right with the world!
    /sings inspirational song

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