AVG-free and FF fighting under Vista.

So, about a week ago, I got notice from AVG-free that I needed to upgrade to their newer version, and I did.  I made a few other changes at the same time, and, shortly thereafter, FF started losing access to the http stream every couple of hours of operation.  It would operate fine, but would time-out when trying to access any page on the web.  Email came through fine, and the chat client worked fine, so it wasn’t the whole internet feed.  But it would sometimes delete the sound and network icons on my status bar as well.  Adding to the annoyance was that it would not respond to restarting FF, nor even logging out of my session — the only solution was a full reboot. 

So, tonight, I hit that point again.  Just for giggles, I turned off AVG-free, and FF recovered, and is now working just fine.  Not coincidentally, probably, I got notice that AVG-free wanted to upgrade again yesterday, but the download had problems, and I didn’t bother.  Perhaps that upgrade will fix this problem — AVG-free doesn’t usually do full upgrades after a week.  But I’m kinda wondering what the point is. 

I’ve been running AVG-free for a year now, and doing the same things I’ve always done, and I still have yet to get a virus.  I did this because all the people who talk like they know what they’re talking about said it’s irresponsible to be on the internet without a currently updated anti-virus program, but I think that, in my case, it’s a lot of bother that accomplishes nothing.  I’ve been using computers communicating with other computers for twenty years this summer without a single virus infection.  I think my computing habits are safe, and using an anti-virus program for me is a bit like wearing a condom when you’re celibate. 

I’m going to keep running my firewall and anti-malware programs, because they’re not all that annoying.  And I might do AVG-free again sometime. 

4 thoughts on “AVG-free and FF fighting under Vista.

  1. I was really happy with AVG…until version 8. Somewhere I have some links of others on forums grumbling about it’s MASSIVE resource hog-i-ness. I thought it was just me. My laptop would sound like a jet plane taking off due to AVG.

    On the same forums I saw someone recommend Avira. I’ve been running it on both for about 2 weeks, and so far so good!

    The only annoyance is the nag screen that pops up whenever it updates. But found a way to disable the popup. That link also has some comparison info on AVG and Avira.

    Aside from AVG’s resource hog-ish nature, my paid time ran out (I was using the network version for the last year) and it never notified me. So I went without AV for…quite a while. Wasn’t a real issue until the month I was using/sharing my landlord’s connection, and had no router.

  2. Oh, duh.
    Yep, I have the brain thinky thing!
    Never been very good at abbreviations and such…
    I always get confused whilst playing the massively multi-player online roleplaying games, Star Wars Galaxies to be specific, when they say the things like QFE!, TTV?, ROFLMAO (okay, I know what that is, duh!), FTW, etc…
    Or worse, when they abbreviate the missions!
    “Hey, I need to get my wps finished, anyone want to hit the NSS to camp NS? How about the FLC?”
    And here I am having no idea what they are driveling about…
    And I’ve been playing the game for years…

    Anyway, regarding you post, um, I use Firefox, and AVG Free 8.0, and have no problems.
    Sorry I cannot be of assistance.

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