Bad, bad Jeopardy.

So I just did my second Jeopardy of the day, and it was bad.  I made no points at all on the Double Jeopardy board, scored only 6800 (my second lowest score ever), and the player I’ve hated more than any other since I started just won, making him a finalist so I’ll have to see him one more time.  And the one I liked the most didn’t make the Tournament, for reasons I don’t know (this is the Tournament of Champions — anybody who watched last week already knows who won and I don’t really care about that).

The first game went pretty well, but it’s not going well for me lately.  That same play-week (just finished off) had my lowest score ever.  I’m doubting there’s much point in this — I don’t think I’m ever going to score 24000 average for two weeks in a row, let alone consistantly.

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