Brian Regan: Is God Talking to Me?

This is just odd. I was checking out the suggestions Netflix has for me, and one of those suggestions was a set of comedy shows from this guy named Brian Regan. Based on the films they were using to explain why they’d made the suggestion, I got the impression that this is somebody who knows how to be funny without being crude — something I value a lot. So I checked out the reviews for one of the disks, and this impression was confirmed. I added them to my queue, and decided to take a look at the guy’s website, and, from there, decided to see where his shows were going to be. Now, as I was clicking the link to his show schedule, the thought that went through my head is “but I wouldn’t be able to go to any of his shows even if they were close because I always have to work all weekend, and shows are always on weekends.”

Anyone want to guess where his next show is? Those who know where I live are probably thinking “Seattle.” If so, they’re wrong. He’s actually playing in Bellingham — I can be at the venue in fifteen minutes if I take the freeway. Interesting.

A half-second later I’m looking at when the show is, assuming it’s going to be the 27th or 28th or 29th — this coming weekend. But, no, it’s the 26th. Thursday night. I can totally go.

Now, the ticket isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not horribly expensive. I have the money, although I’m trying to save for my upcoming trips and it costs enough to feed the three of us for a day or two, or to get us into a really nice campground for a night.

But the coincidence here is really amazing to me — I first hear about the guy and, within fifteen minutes, find out he’s playing right here, tomorrow night. I don’t believe in coincidence. Especially with all of those factors lining up. So now I’ve got to figure out if God is trying to tell me something, or if this is something I need to avoid. I’ll need to figure it out tomorrow.

I might even have to talk to God about it.

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