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Tom Lehrer’s Elements

With a non-annoying flash animation

And some interesting links at the bottom about Mr. Lehrer.

And, incidentally, I got through the Periodic Table again getting all the elements (not all in order).  I’ve gotten a bit rusty — last time I missed ten, I think — so this is another small victory.  I even missed a president the other night. 

And, speaking of Jeopardy, I’m getting a break this week and last, because they did their Teen Tournament.  I did the first one, and ended up getting over $40k, having swept at least three categories on each board, but decided that being able to successfully beat people younger than (some/most) of my own offspring really wasn’t useful information.  And it looks like the Saturday shows (reruns) are approaching the time I started recording them, so, when that happens, I’ll only have five shows a week to do instead of six.  I’m still uncertain how much probability there is that I will be able to be competitive on the show, but what I’m doing is less harmful than chasing kittens across the freeway, so I think I’ll keep doing it.

Sleep is good.

But first, another word from our sponsor, Teh Cute:

I slept like four or five hours yesterday afternoon, and then nine hours last night.  I feel better now.

Not sure yet if I’m heading down tonight to the place I’m staying so I don’t have to drive home every night (since I’m doing one shift each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), but I probably will.  I might need to shift a dinner invitation from tomorrow to later in the week.  We’ll see.

I might take a nap now, and maybe try to get the next blaincast recorded before I go down.  Not sure.

Survived my first night.

But first, a word from our sponsor, Teh Cuteness:

This was my first time in the house I hadn’t been in yet, and I found out that three of the six kids are known to me — one I have a brief but intense history with.  The system is considerably different in the details from what I’m used to.  I did okay with the overnight — I made it home with a very short nap at a rest area.  The house manager was very nice — everybody was very nice — and it looks  like this is going to be a pretty good fit.  I do think I’m going to see about switching my day-swing double on Tuesday for a swing-grave double.  That would give me the possibility of a relatively regular sleep pattern — not an option when you work one day shift, three swing shifts, and one grave.  And the house manager at this house did offer me the chance to do another training shift for graveyards before I do my first one — it’s a solo shift, and there are a number of detailed things to take care of, and I’d like al ittle more practice with that before I’m doing it solo.  That will also give me five training shifts, for a full 40 hours on my paycheck for this month, which helps too.

I’ve come up with a tentative plan for the upcoming future:  take some social science classes at the community college (psychology and sociology) to prepare for a masters in counseling or social work program (I can do an online masters in counseling program with five social sciences classes).  The folks I’m now working for will reimburse for tuition.  I’m not sure the details of that program, but I am sure that doing classes and working graves like I did last night work pretty well together — lots of time to study, and studying gives me something to do to help me stay awake.  Not really sure where my “move to Virginia” plan fits with that yet, but it’s not time for that anyhow.  More will unfold as we go along.

I slept a few hours this afternoon, and I’m going to be going to bed kinda early tonight, and then I should be okay for tomorrow.  And then I just need to figure out my plan for the rest of the week.  Hope that unfolds quickly enough.