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Trying out Plurk

Okay, I’m trying out this Plurk thing, and it was supposed to embed my widget in the code under this. I’m not seeing anything other than a link to the Plurk website, but I’m grouchy and don’t let my browser do things I don’t like. If anybody’s seeing something here, please let me know.

Also, if you happen to already be plurking, feel free to let me know — uid: blain (I got there in time to not need to add my last initial!). This is all quite new to me, so I’m not yet recommending it. I’m just trying it as a twitter-like service because I still can’t twitter from my IM client (although Plurk isn’t working through IM right now either).

Update: I tested this under IE, and I’m still not getting anything in the widget space other than empty space. So I tweaked the code and let’s see if this fixes it:

Nope. Anybody else?

EMP amusement.

So this afternoon we took the kids to the Experience Music Project in Seattle, which was created by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.  It was rather cool, but it was not a good match for the kids — attention spans are too short for this kind of thing, so we didn’t stay very long.  They had much more fun playing in the International Fountain instead.

But while we were at the EMP, looking around the Music Lab, I noticed a computer in the recording area that had a program that looked familiar.  So I looked closer, and found that it was, in fact, the same open-source Audacity I use to record and edit the Blaincast.  Which was amusing, so I thought I’d share.

Two happies in a couple of hours.

The first is that I found a way to get a working iPodderx derivative podcatcher under Hardy.  Google was, ultimately, my friend.  It just took a while for somebody to post the solution to a forum that Google index.  And, because this is Linux, I just renamed the config directory and it magically worked the first try — all my podcasts set up properly. 

Second happy wasn’t quite as tricky — I found the micro-to-full SD adapter on the floor under the desk I thought it would be at.  Okay, so I looked down and there it was.  But finding SD-sized cards isn’t terribly easy.

So now I’ve just loaded my latest podpacket on my phone, and I’ll get to work on it while I’m working.

I also have a happy in that my new boss managed to cover my Thursday shift, so I get to go to the Teacher Learner Academy Awards Thursday night.  I don’t get paid for the day, but it also saves me two nights in the motel room — I’ll only need one night for the week. 

So, happy, happy, and happy.  Not bad for one day.