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100 Reps

I’ve been trying to find a way to work some fitness things into my life again.  I started the 100 pushups for breakfast program a while back, but backed off it when I realized I wasn’t going to be having to take a fitness challenge for a job, and it’s been quite a long time since I’ve had running as part of my active life.  But StumbleUpon keeps pointing me at fitness sites from time to time, and that’s how I ran into Project Fit.

Project Fit has two programs I’m following, both by RSS feed.  Starting Monday, they’re going to publish workout programs that use bodyweight and resistance (meaning you don’t need a gym or a bunch of equipment to do it) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  But the other program is already going — the 100 Rep Challenge.  I started that yesterday.

The nice thing is that these challenges come with beginner, intermediate and advanced versions, so, as I go, I can find where I best fit.  The idea is to get 100 reps in, in however many sets it takes, before the day is out — no time limit.  Yesterday’s challenge was dips, and, even doing chair-dips, I could only get 50 done by the end of the day, in sets of no more than 10 (several sets of 50, and that left me with arms that were hard to lift, like when I started the push-up program.  Today’s challenge was Hip-Floor Raises/Extensions/Bridges, and I managed to get all 100 done in one set.  My legs are stronger than my arms. 

Next time I get to dips, I might be up to doing the 100 before they day’s out.  Who knows.