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Comment Spammers: Look elsewhere

You keep on trying to spam here, and it keeps on not working.  It took me a while to figure out what you were doing, but no spammy comment has been approved here in over 5 years.  My settings require approval of comments by new people, and between that and the built-in filtering done by Kashimet (sp?), your spammy comment is never going to be seen by anybody but me, and I”m just going to delete it and add it to the Kashimet database, so it’ll be less likely to get approved anywhere else.

Please stop wasting both of our time, and find another way to try to make a living.

Another commercial site sells my email address.

One helpful tool in managing your spam exposure is to develop email addresses to give to sites that have you register so that you can tell if they have sold your address to spammers.  There are ways this can be done with gmail that are interesting, for instance.  Periodically, I will discover sites this way that have sold my address.  Once that’s happened I add that to: address to a filter I use in Thunderbird that automatically deletes messages sent to addresses that only receive spam. It cuts way back on the spam I have to deal with, with no possibility of false-positives — I never want to talk to anybody who has sold my email address to spammers.

Thus far, sites that have done this include:


And our new winner is


I bought a set of these for the girls a while back, the first time I’ve bought a “as seen on tv” through the website advertised in the commercial, and I hated the experience.  Based on that, I have resolved to never do so again — I’ll buy them at Walmart or Walgreens and just accept that I don’t get the whiz-bang deals they mention in the commercials.  But now I know that not only are the sleazy in trying to lure you in with one offer, and then trying to get you to upgrade to something that costs more — they also sell your email address to spammers for some extra bucks.

Responding to WP comment spam

I’m starting to learn the way this is done, and have come to a new conclusion — any comment that doesn’t explicitly show thought about the post it’s responding to, or other comments responding to it, unless it’s made by someone I know that I know, will be marked as spam. “Nice post,” or the like from strangers aren’t going to see light of day, and will be reported to the appropriate databases. Comments are here to continue exploring the thoughts in the posts, or to be a connection between the participants in it.

So, if you’re not someone I already know, and you want to make a connection with what you find here, then say something with even a little bit of substance. Otherwise, I’m going to assume that this is from a spammer and, possibly, machine generated.

njdagr and achesto


So I got friended by these two accounts.  I looked and saw a bunch of familiar folks listed as friends, but the rest of the accounts looked dodgy — no userpics, no details about the individuals to make them sound like anybody I knew, and then I found the journals were identical.  And the posts were nonsensical.  And the second of the three had a “BTW, it would help me if you click this link” that goes to a data gathering website.

So I contacted the person who had friended one of them, and she didn’t know anything more than I do.  So I’m suggesting that these are fake accounts created to point to a likely phishing site. 

Your paranoid tip for the day.