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27 Dresses, the Neflix Review

For those of you who aren’t my friends at Netflix (and you two who are know who you are).

I love romantic comedy done well.  I know (and talk with my daughter) about the parts that don’t happen that way, because it’s not realistic.  But when they get the right people, the right performances, the right director and the right script, it’s really, really hard to beat.

I watched this movie with a smile on my face most of the time (nice that no one else was around, because it was probably a little bit goofy), when I wasn’t laughing out loud.  The characters were real and deep and they all did what they did for reasons that made sense.  Even when I wanted to smack them for doing those things, they were the right things to do in that moment.  This is the place where many romantic comedies get it wrong, but this one got it right consistently. 

Katherine Heigl is not only amazingly beautiful, she is a brilliant comic actress who very much doesn’t buy into her own beauty, and that humility comes through with amazing performances with sincere emotion and uncanny comic timing.  I could watch her with the mute button on and be happy, but I could also listen with the picture turned off and be moved.  Malin Akerman, who plays her sister, is also amazingly beautiful and brilliant with the comedy as well.  Watching them together is a treat.

This is not a romantic comedy for men, like Date with an Angel or Dan in Real Life, but it is a romantic comedy men can love.  I recommend it highly.

Tom Lehrer’s Elements

With a non-annoying flash animation

And some interesting links at the bottom about Mr. Lehrer.

And, incidentally, I got through the Periodic Table again getting all the elements (not all in order).  I’ve gotten a bit rusty — last time I missed ten, I think — so this is another small victory.  I even missed a president the other night. 

And, speaking of Jeopardy, I’m getting a break this week and last, because they did their Teen Tournament.  I did the first one, and ended up getting over $40k, having swept at least three categories on each board, but decided that being able to successfully beat people younger than (some/most) of my own offspring really wasn’t useful information.  And it looks like the Saturday shows (reruns) are approaching the time I started recording them, so, when that happens, I’ll only have five shows a week to do instead of six.  I’m still uncertain how much probability there is that I will be able to be competitive on the show, but what I’m doing is less harmful than chasing kittens across the freeway, so I think I’ll keep doing it.

Holy Watch Batteries, Batman!

Today was an interesting day.  It was the first day of the Right Response training (the equivalent of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention that Secret Harbor has used), which is mostly a day of navel contemplation, followed by some training in physical tactics like blocks and releases.  Tomorrow we’ll do the escorts and restraints, but today we got done way early, so I was off-shift about the time I’m usually going on-shift.

So I went for a slow drive back to where I’m staying, and decided to go see a movie.  It’s been a while since I went to see a movie for me for fun, so I watched The Dark Knight.  It was good, although the cleverness of the villain’s plots, got to be a bit much for me — more plot twists than 24, and 24 gets a bit too plot twisty for me by the end of most seasons.  It was, however, worth the $7.50 for the ticket and the $1 to upgrade my free small popcorn and free small drink to both medium sizes, and a nicer way to spend a few hours than twiddling my thumbs.

From there, I went to the nearby Fred Meyer to replace the battery in my watch — it went blank when I hit the Indiglo button.  The watch counter had a sign saying that watch battery replacements needed to go to the Fine Jewelry counter.  So I went to the Fine Jewelry counter and the attractive well-dressed young woman there agreed that battery replacements needed to be done there, but then blanched slightly when she saw my watch was digital, and informed me that the replacement would need to be done by a professional jeweler, out of concern that they might do it wrong and ruin the watch.  I asked if I could do it myself, and she agreed to sell me a battery, but didn’t know how to look up which battery I needed.  Disappointing.

So I went to Walmart.  Walmart won’t do the replacements on watches they don’t sell (and they don’t sell my watch) and they’re twitchy about doing water resistant Timexes and Casios (mine is a water resistant Timex), but the clerk was able to figure out what battery I needed and sold me a two-pack for <$5.  I then went to the Vision Center and bought a glasses repair kit with a very small screwdriver for <$4, and headed off to see if I could handle this task that's apparently strictly in the realm of professionals. I am.  It was a little tricky, as the very small screwdriver was just a teensy bit too large for the screws, and getting the screw that holds the battery to line up so I could screw it in was a bit tricky.  Also, I'm not certain I got the little gasket that makes it water resistant in the right place, so I'm going to be a bit cautious about getting it wet.  But I got it reset and everything seems to be running just fine thus far. That's all.