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Every so often an AC hits one over the fence.

This comment came in the middle of a /. discussion about a plan by record labels to distributed music in DRM-free 300ish kbps MP3 on microSD cards (not a bad plan, but not showing a significant advantage over the Amazon MP3 Download store I was talking about recently):

In the age of the internet, they have conceived of a method of using physical media to transport bits.  And they’ll still charge $15 for an album.

You know, watching these guys over the last decade has been like watching a retarded child learning to go poo in the toilet.  They’re six years old when they finally get it right, and then they look at you like they’ve just won the Olympics.

No disrespect to retarded children intended.

Supertramp for cheap.

I’m really enjoying the Amazon MP3 Download store.  Last night, I remembered what brought me there in the first place — the specials.  The first one was Depeche Mode — a 21 track album for $2.99.  Right now, they’ve got Supertramp’s Breakfast in America for $2.99, which I bought last night.  I even signed up for a marketing email that will tell me what the new free/cheap things are as they change (I got a free one off of Lindsay Buckingham’s new CD last night also — it sounds a lot like Lindsay Buckingham, but it was free).  I never ever like marketing emails — I get very nasty at the places that spontaneously decide to send them to me without me opting-in.

The only thing that bugs me about the place is the windows-only client.  But no DRM and they don’t (at last word) watermark the files — you just agree not to distribute them.  A music service that doesn’t treat you like a thief — and that doesn’t steal back the music you paid for when they go out of business.  And you know what you’re getting — higher bitrate than the usual bootleg mp3, the whole song, and the song you wanted. 

And I’m not getting paid for saying any of this — I haven’t touched my Amazon Store on my website in years, and I’ve never gotten a check from it anyhow.  Just in case you were wondering.