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This is the end.

New plan (two versions of new plan, in fact) — I get to leave in the next hour (later than I expected by a couple of hours) and go home. I’m going to get something to eat somewhere along the way and then I’m going to go home, catch up a bit, and go to bed.

/me is very tired. Last night was very short, and today has been very long. I’m shutting down this machine now.

Sunday isn’t the end.

I’m going to be spending another night away from home — this one in Mount Vernon. I will be there to chaperon my sister while she supervises a couple of kids. I think I’ll be able to come home Monday morning. I don’t know when I’ll be coming back down, but it should only be for two days a week. I’m going to be way, way over on my hours for the week (not sure how many, but it’s going to be nice on payday once the money people get over being mad about it).

Today was long and rough at the beginning and at the end. I’m tired, and I’m not sure I dare try sleeping. Tomorrow will be a little rough in the morning that I know of, and we’ll see how things shape up otherwise.

In the innocuous, I decided to try the herbal supplement I’ve used before to try to control my blood sugar again. And I decided to try (again) the very low carb, very low fat, very high fiber tortillas I’d gotten once before. The supplement I picked up today, so I haven’t had time to really tell if it’s working yet, but the tortillas were a fiasco. They are very bad taste (as in “yuck”). I will now remember for longer that I don’t even want to try them. I wasted perfectly good cheese on them.

I’m going to put my bed together and try to sleep some. I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers.

Things are going well.

I’m not sure what to say — what I can say. I’ve been in the hospital for about 24 hours now. This is my long weekend — I may not be coming home until Sunday, and I might be back down here as soon as Tuesday. We’re already through the tough part in many ways — the personalities and agencies involved have come together in, thus far, a manner that’s closer to optimal than I really expected to happen. We’re down to the point that the challenges are going to be medical.

The medical challenges are significant enough, but they’re a lot easier to face when all of the adults are working together to make things better. None of these folks are perfect, and this isn’t going to be a perfect experience. But it’s working.

I’m afraid that these pieces I’m sharing here are ambiguous enough that this probably isn’t comprehensible. Sorry. I’m pleased with how things have gone. These are the first few steps of a many months’ plan that will have some big impacts in my life (hopefully good).

I’m tired. I’m going to try to go to bed.

Interesting life.

After spending the day at Seattle Children’s Hospital (where I will likely be spending a significant amount of the next 1-7 months), my sister and I stopped to get something to eat in the University Place/Plaza. About a third of the way into my salad, I noticed something moving in it — something like a fruit-fly or gnat. I grabbed it by the wings and pointed it out to the waitress who was more upset by it than I was. She comped me the order and what I wanted to replace it, which was nice.

One of those very odd things that happens some times.