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Dan in Real Life again.

Yesterday, I took Emily to see Dan in Real LIfe. She enjoyed it a lot, and I enjoyed it again as well. I would encourage anybody who has any interest in romantic comedy to go see it before it leaves theaters (I don’t think it’ll be around another week).

By seeing it twice in the theater, it joins the ranks of the very few films I’ve seen twice in theaters: Star Wars: A New Hope and this one dumb film about the Bermuda Triangle I saw when I was 11, with Serenity being the only film I’ve seen thrice in a theater.

All Done but the Shouting

My last grade is in. I got a B+ in my History class, which means I get my History minor and my degree. It gives me a 3.2 GPA for the quarter, and a cumulative GPA at Western of 2.91 (which isn’t bad considering the one Z (what they used to call F) and the two D+s I got. If we take them out (since they didn’t actually contribute to any required portion of my degree), my GPA would be 3.13.

I’ll take it.

Now all that’s left is for the grades to become final on Thursday, them to indicate on my transcript that I have earned the degree, and mail out my diploma. All of which are truly mere formalities.

The only other thing is posting pictures from Saturday. I’ve got some, and Emily’s working on them and others taken with cameras that weren’t mine. Should be up this week. I might write more about the experience of commencement when I post those (not that the pictures capture much of what I want to write about).

It’s good to be done. It’s almost feeling real now.

Heading out.

It’s more than a little early — the ceremony doesn’t start for two hours and 10 minutes — but I need to stop and drop off tickets and pick up an Emily, and then be at the right place to pick up my cap and gown when the place opens in just under an hour, and then get things set up and be in my place to come in by 9:30, and then the ceremony starts at 10:00 and goes until 12:00ish.

And I’m in my suit with my uncomfortable job-interview shoes and my loudest Rush tie, and my Phi Theta Kappa stole that I believe they’ll let me wear (I’ll probably be the only one there with that stole). I have my nice new camera and an extra memory card (for a total of 2gb of storage on top of whatever its internal memory is) and two sets of replacement batteries. That on top of Emily with her film camera and Faith’s digital in use by somebody should be enough to capture the moments (and I’m buying the DVD and professional picture of me shaking the president’s hand). Some at least will be posted in this space.

It’s been a long time coming, and today’s the day. Still no word on my History grade, but I’m 90% certain it’ll be high enough to keep my History minor. Receiving my diploma will be the next layer of “done” after that, and the last will be when my school internet accounts are turned off.

So, that’s it. It’s time to go.

Next layer — I get to graduate.

Two of my three grades are in. B+ in my Comm class (I already knew that, but it’s now been turned in), and the Storytelling class that I was concerned about getting my C- or better in? Well, it’s a nice flat B. So I get to graduate. The only remaining question is whether I get the B- I need in History to get my History minor. That’ll probably post tomorrow, but, right now, the registration system is down, so I can’t tell if it posted late in the day.

Been working on my resume and cover letter today. I need to turn them in tomorrow. The resume’s in pretty good shape, I think, and the cover letter is coming along. This could be a very, very, very good job for me. Very.

Another layer of done.

Today was the day I turned in the last assignments for my last class. We had a tea party at the teacher’s house. She asked what she should give us as grades, because it’s so hard to assess us since everyone in the class did very different things. I told here that, as long as I get a C- or better, I don’t care, and she said that that made things easier. From which I’m thinking that the C- or better is pretty secure, which was the last major question on my mind. With that, I will get my degree, because I’ve got 84.4% in my comm class, and will have at least a B- in History (I think I can get that even with a C on my final, which would be the worst grade I’ve gotten on anything in that class by half a grade). None of my grades are posted yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some posted tomorrow or Friday.

So, with those minor questions still outstanding just a little bit, I’ve reached another “done,” with the submission of my last graded work.

I also had an appointment with a counselor in the Career Center. For two hours. The first hour was to go over a Strong Interest Profile I did a month or so ago, which was accurate, mostly obvious, and frustrating. It told me that I find the things I’m really interested in to be really interesting, and it pointed out some career areas I might really be compatible with. This is the fun part:

  1. Minister
  2. Translator
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Librarian
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Nursing Home Administrator
  7. Rehabilitation Counselor
  8. Reporter
  9. School Counselor
  10. Technical Writer

Mormons don’t do paid clergy, so the Minister idea is out. I like languages, but don’t know enough of any to translate anything. I’ve enjoyed learning about Network Admin and will probably keep doing so, but not to the point that anybody’s going to pay me to do it for real. Libraries like people who have taken classes (any) in library science, which I haven’t, although a friend who works for the library suggested I should apply to be his supervisor, since they’ve not been able to find anybody who could hold the position, and some of them have little more library experience than I do. Administrative Assistant isn’t something I can see working. Nursing Home Administrator just amuses me, as my mother ran an Adult Family Home for several years, and my XGF did as well. That’s as close as I’m going to come to that, most likely. Rehabilitation Counselor is the title of the lady I spoke with, and I’m not sure it’ll work for me — it takes a MA (most of these occupations do), and, when I’ve got a MA, I want to just be a shrink. Reporter was funny — I’m not mild mannered enough for that. School counselor would be possible except for the MA-shrink thing. I do think I’d like being a Tech Writer, though.

So then we looked over some local job listings and discussed some things and I found a potentially perfect job that is technically closed, but they’ll accept a resume if I’m completely qualified (not sure I am, but I’m pretty close) and they’re interviewing next week. So that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow — dust off my DV qualifications and put together a resume, cover letter and warm up my references and try to get that in tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. It would be nice to be back in DV — it’s been a while — the pay would be good, it would be a lot of fun, and the center I’d be supposed to work out of is in my own small little town.

Looks like I can take my little baby degree out for a spin quite quickly and see how she does for me in the job market.

More normal guts.

After a rather nasty Saturday in Gutsland, things got considerably better. I still have a few moments of knife-in-guts from time to time, but it’s down to a few a day for a minute or less, rather than every few minutes for a minute or more.

I got through the dance demonstration Saturday dancing all the way (rather than walking) and I’m now eating essentially normally again.