Chat Client again.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, you might not know that I use different chat client systems, but hate, loathe, detest every OEM chat client I’ve seen — too much bloat, “features” I don’t want, flashy moving things of any kind, etc.  I quit using those a long time ago, when I moved to jabber clients and servers that let me use those systems without using those clients.

When I moved to Kubuntu, I tried out Kopete, which natively runs on all the networks I want without requiring my registration a jabber server — some of those gateways weren’t all that reliable, due, in part, to shenanigans on the part of the networks who would tweak the protocols without notice just to break third-party access.  Kopete has worked well under KDE.  Under Windows, I’ve been using Pidgin, which has worked pretty well as well.

So, then, showed me Digsby, and I’ve been trying it out, primarily for it’s support of Twitter.  Twitter’s support of im via jabber has been broken for months now, but Digsby, a few days in, is working just fine.  I’ve moved over my MSN account and it’s working just fine too afaict. 

Now, I’m considering moving my other accounts over as well.  I like having just one client, but I also don’t like moving from a client that’s doing what I want.  We’ll see how things turn out.

One thought on “Chat Client again.

  1. interesting.

    one of the screenshots looks like digsby includes some of the same themes that adium (a popular open source im client for os x) uses.

    i wonder if they use webkit under the hood for rendering chat windows 🙂

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