Civil Politics Pledge

So I was looking further into Jonathan Haidt and found my way to one of the website he’s affiliated with called Civil Politics.  It had a pledge that you could sign electronically.  I have signed it, and would encourage you to pass it along to everybody you know so they can consider signing it as well.  Here’s what it says:

I hereby pledge:

1) To take into account a candidate’s civility when voting. I understand that electoral politics requires offense, defense, and sharp elbows, but I will consider personal attacks made by candidates and their surrogates to be marks of dishonor and warning signs of a divisive leader to come.

2) To model civil politics in my own life. I will argue for what I believe in and against those with whom I disagree, but I will show respect for my opponents by assuming that they are as sincere in their beliefs as I am in mine. Knowing how moralistic and self-righteous we all are, I will refrain from assuming the worst about the motives and character of those I disagree with. I will criticize their ideas instead.

One thought on “Civil Politics Pledge

  1. TM — Thanks for the tip. From looking over the site, I think they took the pledge down because they don’t think it’s effective to do such thing. So I’ve updated the text above to reflect that the pledge is no longer there, while showing what the text of the pledge was. I still think it’s a good thing.

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