Climate Change Perhaps from Hydrogen?

Just a stray thought that struck me the other day, and I wanted to bring it up to see if anybody happens to know how to answer this:

Much of the current focus on addressing climate change has to do with reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.  However, burning fossil fuels also involves the release of hydrogen compounds, most particularly, of water.  Water vapor, aka steam, to be more precise.  Iirc, water vapor is a greenhouse gas, and its release raises humidity in the locations it has been released.  It contributes to more cloud cover, and could reasonably be expected to result in increased rainfall/snowfall and raising ocean levels (although, admittedly, a lot of tons can be added to oceans without raising sea level by a millimeter).

Now, it’s good to have water, because we are mostly water, but I’m just wondering aloud in print if this has received sufficient attention.  Anybody?

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