Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series Ghosts of the Ostfront

This requires more than the usual “Share” on Facebook, because folks would just blow this off as something that sounds like the usual weird thing I post, and it deserves more than that. This series describes the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in the Second World War, and shows how the Soviets beat the Nazis, and the price paid by all parties in the process. Dan Carlin makes a point of putting the listener into the situation to help you build images in your mind to help understand how these crucial battles were carried out in all their awful details. Having just finished the series, I am quite aware of the debt all of us owe the megalomaniacal Josef Stalin, and I’m also a bit nauseated by that.

If you’ve seen Saving Private Ryan, you’ve seen a graphic representation of war fought by the rules on the Western Front. On the Eastern Front, the most egomanical and evil leaders of the twentieth century fought a much larger and more vicious war without any rules, and this series tells you that story. If you want to understand how the world became what it is today, this series is worthy of your consideration. Each of the four parts is quite long — perhaps 90 minutes each. It will require quite a bit of your time to listen to. It is most definitely not for children, and is not for those who can not handle violence. But I do recommend it to those who can handle it.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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