Dear Dove World Outreach Center

I just heard about your plan to have a Quran burning event.  I am stunned at the stupidity and hatred you are demonstrating in the name of my master who commanded me to love my enemies.  I would request you suspend said stupidity, and spend your time gaining a better understanding of the message of Jesus Christ than you are demonstrating.

If, however, you are bound and determined to burn something, please burn copies of the Book of Mormon instead.  My Muslim friends are very sensitive to how you treat the physical text of the Quran, but I don’t care how many copies of the Book of Mormon you burn.  I don’t worship the physical text, nor the words of the text — I worship God, and love the text, and no amount of burning on your part can take it away from me.

Have a nice day,

4 thoughts on “Dear Dove World Outreach Center

  1. well said.
    i had a seminary teacher who would throw the Book of Mormon down on the ground and jump on it. the whole class would gasp and then he would tell us that choosing not to read the BOM was worse than what he just did. more than 20 years later i still remember it and i think its true. not that i would step on the BOM, but you know what i am saying.

  2. Yes. And he had a good point.

    A friend of mine, some years ago, decided to try “feasting upon the Word” by really consuming the text, so he got a missionary copy of the Book of Mormon and marked it up heavily and wrote all over the text in his effort to really understanding it, knowing that he could just throw it away when he was done with it. I think that’s far more respectful to the book than leaving it nice and perfect on the shelf.

  3. i agree.
    funny story-when i read the first few lines of your comment, i thought you were going to tell how someone decided to literally eat the Book of Mormon in a unique twist on feasting on the word. lol. i am not usually ditzy, but when i am…WATCH OUT! 🙂

  4. I am pretty astonished at the stupidity, and the absolute idiocy of what some people do in the name of Faith. I can be very critical myself, and I do get offended at ignorance and hatred- I also had a scripture teacher who took the Bible and proclaimed: ‘this book is not true!’ I was stunned, at that time my full understanding was based on that book- but later realised in context, he was shaking us to our foundations and wanting us to establish ourselves in the faith. That was the beginning of me finding the Church… I also thought literally in the ‘feasting on the word’ comment, I took ‘really consuming’ as if he would have eaten the book- you are not ditzy-SMC! you just think quantivlely, (like me) I know when I read the Scriptures with the intent of internalizing the teachings I am fulfilled in purpose. I have not read the Quran, but I know that the offense of burning it is a horrible misinterpretation of retribution, intended to insite anger and more hatred, it is just stupid! Thank you Blain for speaking out!

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