Done with Minefield

I enjoyed it, sort of.  It was kinda like the first time I tried Opera, because things were kinda like I liked, only better.  Except that some things weren’t better.  There were certain kinds of objects that I couldn’t select, even with all of the javascript things enabled that were essential to some of the sites I use.  And it took some major tweaking of my Firefox settings every time I loaded my older stable copy of Firefox and then back.  I was loading Safari to do some things, and I wanted my Firefox features there. 

And then it would crash, and fail to shut down completely, and suck up resources until the system slowed to a crawl and it took five minutes to load task manager and kill it. 

So I just wiped it off.  I was going to leave it on, but stop using it, but some settings got set to where it was loading as default browser, and that was a pain.  I’m looking forward to some of the things it brings to the table when the get stable, and I’m thinking about going to FF3 finally, but, for now, I’m happy with my old stable FF2.

Oh, and I’m on Facebook now.  It’s weird. 

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