DVR Farts

I missed Jeopardy last night, because the DVR farted and lost the series record setting somehow for that and Millionaire (I use it for a warm-up — it goes a lot faster when you fast forward through the IQ test rounds).  I could not get it to do a series recording setting last night for any reason for the 19:30 local broadcast channel.  I found another listing at 11:00, and it would do that, but I checked that recording just now and it was empty because that was on GSN, and I don’t get GSN.  So I tried and it did the series record on the one I’ve been using up until now without a flinch.  So I’ll have another one to do tonight. 

I’ve been learning where my holes of knowledge are — I need to do some basic literature and art history, along with some emphasis on Shakespeare, and I have some holes when it comes to snooty TV shows, all of which came together to give me three sucky catagories in DJ in my last round.  I made 2k more on DJ than I did in the Jeopardy round, which isn’t good. 

However, I’m pretty good with my state birds, so, if they come up, I’ve got a good shot (a little confused on some of the midwest states about cardinal/robin/eastern goldfinch). 

Dropping off another resume today, and I’ll try to get some electronically filed today also.  And then drop off an application pack for Juvie in Everett on Monday, and maybe send another set for a Crisis Intervention & Victim Advocate in a Sexual Assault Center in Everett as well.  Maybe I can have that ready to drop off Monday as well.  I’ve gotten one response on one of the jobs I sent a resume for — it was filled.  And I’ve had three or four insurance agencies try to recruit me from my available resume (I think I’m going to make it unavailable, if that’s what I’m going to get).

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