Election clarification, just for the record.

I think everybody here is probably already clear with where I stand with regard to the presidential election. 

I am a Republican.  I’m voting for the Republicans that show up on my ballot.  I’m not voting for them because I necessarily, like/love/respect them.  I’m voting for them because, on more important issues than not, I agree with them. 

To be specific, I do not find John McCain to be the perfect candidate.  And, while I’m one of the few folks who has never been there who knew about Wasilla, Alaska before she was nominated, I’m not entirely ga-ga over Sarah Palin.  Neither one of them is perfect, and neither one of them is the source of all evil in the world.  And neither of them is in lock-step with George Bush or much of anybody else. 

And I do not think Barrack Obama is secretly Muslim, or racist, or particularly evil.  I think his agenda of “Change” sounds a whole lot older than he is.  Joe Biden can be fun to listen to sometimes, but I’ve not liked him very much for a long time.

I don’t trust any of them in the “Here are my car keys and fifty bucks and my daughter” sense.  I’m not choosing them to marry any of my children.  I’m just picking a candidate to vote for.  I’m not going to read through all of their policy and position papers (I’ve written positions and speeches and ads for candidates, including myself, and I know how much they do and don’t reflect who a candidate really is) (mine represented me).  I don’t want one that can leap over tall buildings in a single bound.  I just think things are better when more Republicans are in office. 

The only really fascist bone in my body is the one that wants to round up all of the idiots of any party that are spewing hateful nonsense about the other parties candidate (I should warn you that “McCain is just like Bush,” considering the sources, qualifies as “hateful nonsense” in my book, right next to “Obama is secretly Muslim/racist/evil.”) and tape their typing fingers together so they can’t spew more of that nonsense on the intarwebs until after the election is over (well, or not faster than they could tap out with pencils stuck between their teeth). 

Yeah, yeah, “constitutionally protected free-speech,” I know.  And I won’t.  But I really want to sometimes.  I’d feel better about it if there was more effort shown toward reading and, maybe, comprehending what is in the Constitution and why.  But it’s anti-democratic to want such things.  Sorry.  I slipped again.

So, if I have a favor to ask, it would be this:  please don’t participate in the flood of hateful and misinforming information about candidates for the rest of the election cycle.  Anybody who hasn’t picked who they’re going to vote for for president yet probably isn’t a vote worth chasing anyhow.  If you want to put a sign in your yard, or go doorbell for a candidate, or do something that requires some effort and courage, go right ahead. 

I don’t suspect this will be a problem for anybody who actually read this to the bottom.

4 thoughts on “Election clarification, just for the record.

  1. Hey, I read it to the bottom. We’ll be canceling out each other’s vote but that’s all part of a larger picture. *Shrugs with a grin.* My position is things will be better when the Republicans aren’t in office but we each have our reasons for thinking so.

  2. Well, you get a brownie point for reading to the bottom anyhow.

    And we won’t cancel each others votes out — mine will get canceled out by one of the many Democrats in my state (my county has enough to do it), and yours will get canceled out by one of those conservative Democrats or Republics in your state. And that’s the only position we can both vote on so, hey, no cancellation here.

    As we’ve established many times past, we don’t have to agree to be respectful. We’ll agree on something else. I keep thinking you might like it up here. Maybe look for jobs/transfers to Washington State (you’d want the Western part). No hurricanes, the Space Needle, and lotsa funky liberals all over the place. We could contradance.

  3. I’ve had a fascination with the general area for quite some time. I’d like to come up that way at some point and experience it for myself.

    And yes, we can be respectful without agreeing, it’s a lovely concept that I fully support.

  4. I don’t trust any of them in the “Here are my car keys and fifty bucks and my daughter” sense.

    I’m pretty sure your daughter just let out a sign of relief…

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