Equifax sold my email address to spammers.

Since I own my own domain (guess which one?), I have an infinite number of email addresses I can use.  So, when I create an account on a new website, I can give each one a customized address that I can track to know who had which address.  Then, if they sell the address to spammers, I can know exactly who did it.  Thus far, I’ve identified Buy.com and Emusic.com and Podpickle.com for doing so, and, today, Equifax.com joins the list.

So, if you’re considering using any of those websites, be ready to give them a throw-away email address that you can walk away from when they sell it.  I’ve added that address to an email filter so it goes directly to the bit-bucket, and I will never seen anything sent to that address again.

2 thoughts on “Equifax sold my email address to spammers.

  1. I get 20-80 spam messages to my equifax only address daily. It has gotten worse in the last year. I know they would say possible contractor or subcontractor security breech but I say someone got a boost to their balance sheet for internet marketing revenue s or some other crap. Its more than annoying. And a violation of law in some states. Once the address is in the hands of spammers there is no turning back. I really dont know how people without a catchall domain setup even use email anymore with abuses like this flooding there only email address

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