Feedback Page

From: (an email address if you want a response)

For those of you who prefer to send email directly, I sympathize -- I do too. However, I have learned through sad experience that making email addresses available on this website in machine readable formats leads to me receiving something over 100 pieces of spam every day. This page will allow you to send messages to me with less risk of my getting spammed this heavily.

If you really would rather send me an email, please use the userid of 'website' and the domain of (if you don't understand what that means, just use the form, please). If you want to reach Faith, use the userid of 'faith'.

Please note that any html code or uris listed in your message will cause it to be deleted unread. And failing to pick a recipient will send your message to the bit bucket as well. If this causes you any problems, thank the folks who started spamming me through this form.