For proper effect, every noun in this post should be understood to be modified by the adjective “firetrucking.”  And there may be another firetruck or two that shows up in the post, as in “what the firetruck is he talking about.” 

So, after my post yesterday I went to Church and we sung and it was okay.  And then I hung out for the next 1.8 hours and tried to listen to what all was going on while not sitting down (although sitting on the edge of the stage wasn’t too bad until I got up at half-time and some guy took my spot — firetrucking guy).  I got a ride home from my (not firetrucking) Home Teacher, and turned KBYU on the TV (also not firetrucking) and laid down on the couch and dozed for a while, and then I went to bed and slept for about an hour.  And then I woke the firetruck up and was right back into hard to firetrucking breathe and a little firetrucking anxious about it.  I fogot to get the blessing while I was at Church, so I decided to call my (still not firetrucking) Home Teacher to see if I could get that blessing, but I got his (firetrucking) voice mail.  So I left a message.  Then I called the Elders Quorum President to see if I could come hang out with his family (distraction is good, and he has a great (and great big) bunch of kids that would be very distracting to hang out with). 

But he wasn’t home either.  So I went for a walk, because I was going more than a little crazy by that point.  My Home Teacher called while I was out, and we arranged for me to go to his house for the blessing.  So I walked up there and then another friend came by to help, and the blessing went well.  I hung out for a bit more, and then I needed to go.  So I walked home.  I called Emily on the way home and we chatted a bit.  That helped some.  She’s had some (firetrucking) experience with medicines and anxiety and pain and stuff. 

So then I was home and things just kept spiralling.  I was afraid to try to sleep, because every time I tried, I’d have a hard time breathing, and that would ge tme frustrated, which would increase how much I needed to breathe, and it was a positive feedback loop.  I called the on-call doctor again and he said that everything I was experiencing was normal.  About 9, I called the on-call again and got the lady doctor who sounds like my sister (who is a naturopath, interestingly enough), and described what was going on, and she suggested I either go to ER last night or wait and try to get an appointment at their office first thing in the morning. 

So I called Faith and she agreed to come take me to ER.  Emily came with.  We got to ER about 2300.  After checking in and registering, Emily was getting tired, so Faith took her home.  She also gave a guy who was stuck there with no place to go a ride to an all-night diner.  It was 0230 or so when they took me back toward a doctor, and a while after that before he came.  He decided to address the pain, since the pain is what was affecting the breathing.  He had them run a chest x-ray and do some blood work to make sure I didn’t have a blood-clot in my lungs, and they put an IV in for the blood draws (my first firetrucking IV).  That took two tries, and I learned that my traditional blood draw spot is not a good IV spot. 

They also gave me some high-power pain medication through the IV.  I was concerned about it, but it didn’t seem to lead to any anxiety and I was able to recite the quadratic formula at all times through it (negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus four ac, all over 2 firetrucking a).  The nurse indicated it would be about like having a couple of glasses of wine, which got a bit of a blank look (never had one glass of wine, let alone two), so she gave me half and then we waited to see how it would go before taking the second half. 

It took forever and ever to get the lab results back, but they were fine, so they sent me off (at 05firetrucking30) with a prescription for a stronger pain reliever, and I went to Faith’s.  Emily had set me up a bed, and the idea was to have me do my sleeping attempts where there was somebody around in case I needed someone to talk to.  I slept pretty good from about 0600 till my phone rang about 1030.  I decided I wanted to go get my new prescription filled and try some more pain medication.  It took a while to get there and then home, with a trip to Walmart for the meds and then to my doctor for a blood draw, and then it took a while (and a couple of Emily hugs) before I could get my guts up to take the firetrucking meds at about 1430.  I took the pain med and one of the muscle relaxers. 

So, now I’m laying on the couch, with breathing still kinda tough.  I’m getting more tired.  I’m hoping that the meds will reduce the pain in my abdomen to the point that I can keep breathing enough to get some more sleep soonish.  Emily’s watching 24:Redemption, which I’ve seen, and can sleep through.  I’m trying hard not to panic about this, and that’s a challenge.  I’m tired enough to doze off a bit, but I don’t know yet if I’m up to falling asleep.  I’ll try.

Thanks for the good wishes.  I’ll take all the prayers and good wishes I can get.  Major back pain that messes with breathing is really a firetrucking problem. 

Okay, off to hopefully sleep. 

2 thoughts on “Firetrucking

  1. Sending prayers and get well vibes in your direction. I’ve experienced the unable to breath while on meds thing a couple times, only much more mildly than you have, and it’s NO fun at all.

  2. Thanks. It’s better. I got some decent sleep last night, and the breathing thing is more under control. I’ll post the daily follow-up now.

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